Advantages and disadvantages of wallpaper and paint

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The bedroom is our day of rest, a day of hard work removing tired place. In the decoration of the bedroom, we are aggressively pursue warm and comfortable living conditions. The bedside backdrop design is hesitant to let the mainstream two bedside background wall decoration is painted or wallpaper paste. Many owners have asked whether it is a good painting or wallpapering good? Then Xiaobian analyze the advantages and disadvantages of both.

First, the advantages and disadvantages bedside backdrop painting

Advantages: 1, cost-effective, choose well-known brands of high quality paint, more durable, longer service life than the wallpaper, paint general life of up to 20 years, need not worry about the wall there is a problem;

2, easy cleaning and maintenance, paint the walls with a dirty cloth to wipe directly, this is a lot easier than wallpaper.

Disadvantages: 1, more single color, backdrop decorative effect than the wallpaper a lot less;

2, the uneven quality of the paint, poor quality paint contains a lot of harmful substances, formaldehyde odor relatively large, it takes some time to dissipate.

Second, the advantages and disadvantages of bedside backdrop wallpaper paste

Advantages: rich wallpaper patterns, wall fashion sense, more decorative, backdrop choose the right wallpaper according to their preferences, tastes and make the bedroom more three-dimensional;

Disadvantages: wallpaper thick texture, easy to filth, not easy to take care of the cleaning. High-end eco-friendly wallpaper is expensive, shoddy wallpaper has a pungent taste, long time also easy warped corner.

Third, the suggestion of someone who paint PK wallpaper

From an environmental care, post-clean, decorative effect three considerations together, Donnie Jun paste paint that painting than more cost-effective. Because the paint to be more affordable than wallpaper, an average of 2-3 times per square meter cheaper and better durability. But the wallpaper paint decorative effect even more than a chip, there is even more on taste and quality.

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