Advantages and Disadvantages of Paint and Wallpaper

Human life, one-third of the time is spent in the bedroom, the bedroom is arranged directly related to the quality of our sleep. With the progress of the continuous improvement of people’s quality of life and decoration techniques, and bedside backdrop design it is hesitant to let the mainstream two bedside background wall decoration is painted or wallpaper paste. The right side of the decoration backdrop bedroom bedside will improve people’s sleeping comfort in the bedroom bedside background wall choices, many owners have asked whether it is good or painting wallpaper paste is good?

First, the advantages and disadvantages bedside backdrop painting
1, cost-effective, choose well-known brands of high quality paint, more durable, longer service life than the wallpaper, paint general life of up to 20 years, need not worry about the wall there is a problem;
2, easy cleaning and maintenance, paint the walls with a dirty cloth to wipe directly, this is a lot easier than wallpaper.

1, more single color, backdrop decorative effect than the wallpaper a lot less;
2, the uneven quality of the paint, poor quality paint contains a lot of harmful substances, formaldehyde odor relatively large, it takes some time to dissipate.
Second, the advantages and disadvantages of bedside backdrop wallpaper paste
Advantages: rich wallpaper patterns, wall fashion sense, more decorative, backdrop choose the right wallpaper according to their preferences, tastes and make the bedroom more three-dimensional;

Disadvantages: wallpaper thick texture, easy to filth, not easy to take care of the cleaning. High-end eco-friendly wallpaper is expensive, shoddy wallpaper has a pungent taste, long time also easy warped corner.
Some taboos bedroom backdrop

It should not be located in the West
This bed and placed a similar meaning, because the Earth rotates from east to west, head west if the blood often head straight to sleep less stable; if head east to sleep, there will be a feeling of tranquility. The best choice for Southern and Northern Dynasties, cis and geomagnetic gravity. Head south or north of sleep, healthy, because the body’s blood circulation system, aorta and large veins most important, its direction is consistent with the direction of the body’s head and foot.
Stone should not use
Built of stone materials give people a sense of oppression, like the top beam pressure, but also detrimental to human health. Top beam pressure can occur in many ways, not for fortune and health are affected.
Should not the mirror
Bedside backdrop in the mirror, is equivalent to the direction of the mirror we sleep, get up at midnight to be easily frightened mirror Film, mental peace, resulting in dizziness. In addition, people in sleep, the gas can be the weakest, and the mirrors are reflecting strong force objects easily reflected off the body’s energy, especially young couples, if the bedroom mirror on the bed, over time, susceptible to infertility. And the mirror is to ward off evil effects, it is easy to evil spirits directly reflected to bed people.
Decorative painting should not be too thick
Often used to decorate the bed backdrop decorative painting, simple and convenient and affordable. However, if too large paintings, not only in feng shui has a bad meaning, so that long-term residents prone to pressure repressed emotions. Bedroom bedside paintings add the elegant Italian jewelry, but with a light, short as well. Very sensitive to heavy and big box paintings, Wan accidentally linked to fall, it is easy to get hurt, so be careful.
Decorative painting color not too deep
Because the class will produce paintings for a long time to see a heavy sense of oppression, the people full of negative energy, depression, pessimism, do anything lacking vitality passion. Long live the difficult sleep, often insomnia.
FIG cloth hanging Tigers, antlers and other decorative objects
These are not things should appear in the bedroom, in addition to decorative objects, decorative paintings do not use unexpected things such as the condor, solitary rock paintings theme should not be linked to the Tigers FIG cat painting should not be linked, may have committed the scourge , theft.

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