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Suitable Optional

First, determine your overall cost of renovation and overall style of the decoration and interior decoration of the host material.

Style is very important to determine, in the choice of color varieties among the first to follow the matching style. The second should be suitable places to use. {Such as children’s room has a special version of the public places in engineering wallpaper, restaurant restaurant designed specifically for wallpaper}. Third, it must comply with their own aesthetic ideas and color combinations. Preferably made of your request and then by selecting the appropriate decoration designers several varieties for you, you then select from. This avoids unnecessary trouble.
Optional principle

Supporting materials

Selection of wallpaper, we must also look at the basement membrane (with back wall), powder, mortar use features, they will directly affect the construction quality wallpaper and late effects. Complete set wallpaper glue, wallpaper primer including construction, environmental protection is not a part of any construction will affect the final result. I do not see the link – the primer and glue more critical. Many construction issues wallpaper glue is caused.

Color fastness

Colorful wallpaper of course beautiful, but do not forget the scene with a damp cloth to wipe it and see if bleaching, especially some uneven textured wallpaper, and ultimately, the future take care of regular cleaning.

Environmental testing

Wallpaper depends on the level of environmental protection materials and materials quality, technology and other aspects of printing, on-site by burning sample (high level of environmental protection wallpaper without burning smell no smoke, ash gray powder) and smell (PVC wallpaper a clear plastic flavor, low-grade wallpaper had a very strong smell of printing ink) to identify. The new unwinding and there is no smell of pulp wallpaper is the highest level of environmental protection.

Material care

Wallpaper color range on the market, but also a lot of material, including paper-based PVC wallpaper accounted for more than half the raw material cost is relatively low, the high price of some imported PVC wallpaper; wallpaper upscale typically use plain paper and non-woven materials.

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