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Different styles of wallpaper accompanied by a carefully selected curtains, often brings a fantastic surprise for a living. Open the door, wallpaper, curtains because the location advantage is always the most compelling, and select the wallpaper and curtains more fully demonstrate the owner’s taste and pursuit, so buy wallpaper curtains particularly important. So how do you make the perfect match wallpaper and curtains, so that our room more warm and romantic, the quality of it?

Wallpaper and curtains to catch major attention both color and shape.

Color parts: First, curtains and wallpaper colors must complement each other. If the wallpaper is selected plain, so the curtains can be a little bit fancy, for example: You can select or hollow three-dimensional embroidery style, so the whole house will feel flexible mobilized.

Secondly, curtains and wallpaper to match with the whole home environment, it has become the default wallpaper to buy curtains law. For example, the brown wallpaper, quality brown velvet curtains, decorated with the same color of the floor and furniture, the typical Western classical style of decoration, can make the whole room full of signs pointing distinguished and elegant atmosphere.

Form part: style curtains and wallpaper to match the style in general, if the wallpaper is American country style curtains can not choose a Chinese style. If the selected style wallpaper with a small pattern (such as pastoral style, European style palace), then select the curtains, not recommended to choose and gauze curtains with small pieces of the pattern. Otherwise it will become generous enough room, athletic. The best choice of plain or slightly vertical stripes curtains. Perfect match wallpaper and curtains, colors and styles from these two aspects to consider, a combination of both, we can add color to our home life, increase romance, increase taste.

Wallpaper Curtain With tips:

Bright yellow wallpaper and white curtains with, it can ease the acute sense of bright yellow, inadvertently outline romantic picture.

Blue wallpaper with ethereal white curtains with each moment are faint to reveal a “petty bourgeoisie” taste of the lifestyle.

Blue wallpaper with brown curtains match, matched partial white sofa, the whole Mediterranean style home on the panoramic view.

Blue striped wallpaper coupled with beige curtains, elegant clean breeze blowing.

Pink wallpaper can be equipped with crimson curtains, so the room would be more three-dimensional number, will inadvertently make the room more layered.

Crimson wallpaper also can be used with the kind of dark coffee-colored curtains, elegant, atmospheric features revealed beyond doubt.

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