The structure of non-woven wallpaper
Nonwoven wallpapers is also called nonwoven paper wall-paper is a kind of high quality wallpaper/wallpapers, because made of natural plant fiber nonwoven technology pull is stronger, greener, not mildewed yellow, breathable high quality wallpaper the main substrate. Nonwoven wallpaper products from Europe, from France fashion, is the new and most environmentally friendly material. By using textile non-woven process also called nonwoven but rather should be called nonwoven paper.
Nonwoven and nonwoven, are targeted or random fiber that are formed, a new generation of environmentally-friendly materials, with a moisture-proof, breathable, flexible, high quality
Light, not combustion, easy to break down, no toxic irritant, rich colors, can be recycled and so on. Such as the use of polypropylene (pp material) aggregates as raw material by high temperature melting, spinning, accessory classes, hot take-up takes continuous steps together. Because of its appearance and some properties of the cloth and call it.
Wallpaper, which used to decorate the walls with a special paper. 1 M Wide Web, more than quantitative 150 g/m 2. Have a certain strength, attractive appearance and good water resistance. The surface is easy to clean. Does not contain harmful substances. According to quality requirements, products fall into many categories, such as coated wallpaper, film wallpaper, wallpaper, etc. Usually made of bleached chemical paper pulp production, and processing of different processes, such as coating, printing, embossing, or plasticcovered surface, and after cutting, packaging factory. For residential, Office, hotel, interior decoration, and so on.

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