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In general, the selection of wallpaper warm or cool colors, and the light in the room are closely related. For sun room, you can use the trend in cool tones to ease the sense of the room temperature, such as the elegant light blue, light green, etc., if the light is very good, the color of the wallpaper can be appropriately deepened point in its comprehensive strength of the light, lest wallpaper under the glare whitening mapping. In addition, not a large-scale use of reflective tape or reflective dot pattern wallpaper, if you use too much, will be installed on the wall like a lot of small lenses, people feel Akira.

The shade of the room, you can choose warm colors of wallpaper to increase the clear sense of the room, such as milk, yellow, light orange, light coffee, or choose a color tone is lively wallpaper, avoid excessive use of heavy dark lines emphasize, engender feeling of oppression.

Wallpaper and room area

Wallpaper colors and patterns directly affect the atmosphere of space, large flower pattern reduces bedroom binding sense. Some flower pattern fidelity, rich colors, a distance really feel ready to come out, this wallpaper can reduce the feeling of restraint room, people being in among the flowers, eyes full of surprises for the more prosaic pattern room use. Generally speaking, the wallpaper should match European classical furniture (such as brown, black and mahogany color), press both big flower pattern sexy, but you can add a trace of bright colors in the classic deep. If you choose the furniture is modern and simple people better we not choose this wallpaper.

Dark or light a small area of ​​the room, you should choose a smaller pattern wallpaper. Fine regular pattern room to add a sense of order. Regular fine pattern can provide a room is neither exaggeration but not too plain background, you can try shades relatively shallow intersecting vertical and horizontal lattice type wallpaper, everything was among the order to be room for expansion. Very popular on the market some time ago, small floral pattern, but my own opinion, flower wallpapers fit neatly furnished room, and the light is adequate, too trivial jewelry with make the room look messy, which is why a lot of people to reflect, a small floral wallpaper on the wall felt messy reasons.

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