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Today, people on the basis of traditional wallpaper, innovation, application of modern scientific and technological achievements, have developed a series of new varieties.

Absorbent wallpaper
Japan recently invented a hygroscopic wallpaper, its surface covered with numerous tiny pores, one square meter can absorb 100 ml of water. This is the ideal room to wash the wall decorations.

Insecticidal wallpaper
America invented a can of insecticide wallpaper, flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches and other pests as long as exposed to the wallpaper, will soon be killed, its insecticidal effect can be kept for five years. The wallpaper can be cleaned, not afraid of water vapor and chemicals.

Thermostat wallpaper
Britain successfully developed a regulator of room wallpaper, which combines the three layers together, against the wall of the inner layer is the insulating layer, an intermediate layer is a special thermostat, is chemically treated fibers constituting the outermost layer on numerous fine pores and printed with decorative patterns. This beautiful wallpaper, can automatically adjust the indoor temperature, keep the air pleasant.

Mildew wallpaper
In difficult exposure to sunlight houses, such as the north side of the room, dressing room, the bathroom and some low dark room, the use of this developed in Japan wallpaper containing a preservative, can effectively mold, moisture.

Heating wallpaper
Britain successfully developed a way to dissipate heat wallpaper, coated with a layer of paint on this strange wallpaper, paint can after power is converted into heat energy, exudes Heating, suitable for winter use stickers.

Quit wallpaper
US company launched to help people quit smoking wallpaper, smoking in the wallpaper paste with such a room, cigarette smokers will feel not “sweet”, but there is a sense of nausea, prompting it to quit. Originally, this wallpaper was added in the production process several special chemicals; these chemicals can permanently emit a special odor, if people smoke, the gas can stimulate smokers sensory system, aversion cigarette feeling. With the progress of science and technology and increasing people’s living standards, with different styles and wallpaper new products for different needs, it has been developed and will be developed, to create a beautiful and comfortable and healthy indoor environment to make new contributions.
Insulation wallpaper

Germany produced a special wallpaper, with insulation and heat retention properties. This wallpaper is only 3 mm thick, the insulation effect is equivalent to 27 cm thick stone walls.

WiFi barrier wallpaper
French researchers have invented a new wallpaper WiFi signal can be blocked, it can only be found in their own room to a WiFi signal, but also will not blocking other signals.
This wallpaper above a spray of silver crystal (silver crystal), can block the WiFi signal, but it will not cut off the signal to your phone or other remote control signals. If you own this kind of wallpaper paste to the wall, even if the neighbors can not display the worth means, because there is not search your exclusive WiFi signal.

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