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Many people will choose wallpaper decoration when, in addition to more beautiful and convenient, the most important reason is free to change, what you want style arbitrary. But as we all know, there are a lot of decoration materials harmful chemical components, some also cause adverse reactions, such as dizziness, nausea, retching, and so on. Therefore, the choice of decoration materials, be sure to choose the green, environmental protection and health. After research and development, the emergence of various environmental wallpaper on the market.

Teach you how to tell wallpaper environmental protection

Wallpaper is bleached chemical pulp production base paper, and then by coating, printing, embossing or surface plastic coated, and finally by cutting, packaging factory. With a certain strength, toughness, attractive appearance and good water resistance. You can quickly create the decor, and more selective, specific stretching space striped wallpaper, adjust the spatial layering.
Wallpaper pollution mainly from ink, plastic, wallpaper and special materials, need to buy businesses to provide inspection reports; high levels of formaldehyde wallpaper will cause headache, fever, upper respiratory tract infections and other diseases, therefore, to choose environmentally friendly wallcoverings.

Green wallpaper decoration renderings


Environmental protection wallpaper from the material can be divided into two categories:

One is the substrate and the surface layer are imported paper, machinery compounded; one is based on imported paper as a substrate, the surface layer of the nonwoven fabric production.

Relatively speaking, more environmentally friendly products are pure paper wallpaper wallpaper and non-woven wallpaper.

Green wallpaper selection techniques:

1, burn:

Natural or synthetic material (PVC- PVC, PE- polyethylene) material, a simple method can be used to distinguish the fire. No odor and smoke when burning natural materials, dust combustion of powder lime.

Synthesis (PVC- PVC, PE- polyethylene) material when burning smell and smoke, ash after burning black ball.

2, sniffing:

When you purchase, it may close if there are any products olfactory smell, flavored products may contain excessive plasticizer toluene, ethyl benzene and other harmful substances, there is the impact of cancer.

3, see:

Now a lot of domestic and foreign manufacturers of wallpaper or paint to the surface of the printing inks, letterpress printing majority, such pigment printing color bright, brilliant, if highly colored and bright as the chemical composition of the high heavy metal that is less environmentally friendly.

4, the bubble:

Cut a piece of wallpaper, soaked in water. After 12 hours, if the wallpaper does not appear hierarchical, that is not a part of the side of the layer by layer; no fade; is the basic qualified. Such as wallpaper damp newcomer drum, degumming may have quality problems.

5, rub:

Analyzing scrub. Pencil trace can generally wipe pure paper.

Green wallpaper decoration renderings

Wallpaper higher cost, slightly better quality wallpaper 100 yuan / square meters; with respect to environmental protection wallpaper PVC wallpaper, do not recommend you to use. If you are stuck at home, then it is more expensive, more cost effective choice PVC wallpaper. But if it is used in your own home, even though the price of green wallpaper is higher, but it is recommended you choose environmentally friendly wallpaper, after all, the family’s health is the most important.

PVC wallpaper environmental protection is not only poor, but there is no environmental effect on the wall wallpaper is good, some of the ingredients they contain also affect health.

Of course, different wall materials can be selectively applied to different walls, to meet different housing needs, but no matter what kind of wall material selection should look for formal business products, especially for the high demands of environmental protection, but also to carefully check product-related indicators. More decoration knowledge to understand the concerns mounted flush network renovation Raiders.

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