Five home space wallpaper with skills

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The most commonly used home where the wallpaper is the living room, bedroom, dining room and wet area of ​​the bathroom. Now on the market a wide range of wallpaper, in the end choose which wallpaper as home decor? This is plagued by a lot of people problems. It does not matter, let me tell you!
Living Room: should fit tranquil elegance

The living room is a place to receive guests, usually not arranged too personal. If it is a wall Stickers can choose pastel flowers wallpaper, so that the living space will appear larger. European-style decoration color bars can be used with wallpaper; modern, you should use cool colors, warm colors and thus use a long time will make people feel irritable. Backdrop with color and furniture will have to adapt, but to pay attention to the color of the wallpaper and furniture used by not more than three, otherwise it will look messy

How Paving: a large living room area, can be covered, mixed shop, local shop, with bus boxes, etc., for different styles, pure color and pattern combination, multicolor mixed fight, fight more mixed pattern.
Bedroom: self-display space character

The bedroom is the most personal space, carrying the owner’s preferences. Although in principle, to suit the owner’s favorite subject, but in general can be divided into two cases. Great color, achievement totally natural atmosphere; small floral, creating the ultimate romantic gentility. The bedroom is your private space, whether it is cool or warm, large or small flowers, floral, be free to make choices. Bedroom wallpaper with the best bedding, curtains, carpets, lighting and other elements of proportionality, and to ensure accurate catch quasi flower, natural transition.

Generally speaking, tend to decorate bedroom hostess preference, if the hostess is a capable career woman, home decor should reflect a.

How Paving: color or pattern for a simple and elegant style paved four walls, personality or highlight color could be considered a single bed or rear wall tiling local paving. End wallpaper paste should be appropriate ventilation, avoiding glue taste affect the quality of sleep.
Wallpaper study programs: weight is not heavy atmosphere of color

The edges have a full scholarly study and master the quality of life in the pursuit of the study, it is more suitable for the story, themed wallpaper, do not have too much emphasis on color, fresh and elegant than the eye-catching, to create an atmosphere more important. Quiet study can be used to light colored dress. Light blue, light gray, beige, etc. can be rest assured that choice. Do not be too cumbersome design, clear and bright to calm emotions.

How Paving: Monochrome wallpaper can shop for four walls, there is a specific pattern of wallpaper can be single or partial wall tiling, if the study is small, be sure to buy good permeability wallpaper.
Restaurants wallpaper program: To have fun simple

Tables, chairs, dishes, etc. have made up dining atmosphere lively, interesting wallpaper can be as concise as possible, with the integration of the environment is particularly important color patterns different restaurants wallpaper can bring different sensory stimuli, take care of your taste buds. The restaurant is a second living room space and closely linked to the choice of color need to be careful, people excited red, green keeping appetite, light yellow charm long ……

How Paving: Independent restaurant four walls full of shops, eating can be a single wall or entire shop local paving. Lively use of color can stimulate appetite, solid walls look clean and simple, elegant design is a more prominent family reunion warm.
Bathroom wallpaper program: wet and dry separation function of the first

Do not doubt, can also paving the bathroom wallpaper, with the improvement of new materials, new technology, a lot of water and moisture resistance wallpaper began to enter ordinary consumer’s home. Shop wallpaper need professional design and construction of the partition function in the wet bathroom.

Waterproof wallpaper is not only suitable for bathroom use, the same color range, convenient construction, if you want a rich and varied bathroom space, give it a try.

How Stones: even in the wet area of ​​the bathroom is made of waterproof wallpaper, we would be best to use in a dry area. Daily should pay attention to ventilation, clean, regularly dust, the corners of furniture, wallpaper and try to keep the pitch.

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