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Comprehensive Competition compete

Paint in the domestic home improvement market position of absolute dominance, but as has been popular for years in Europe and wallpaper, seamless wall covering recently showed strong momentum, both have what characteristic? Our next following the guidance of professionals, Competition once.

Seamless wall covering higher cost
For each consumer, the cost is not open around the topic, so here we first discuss the cost level of the two materials.

According to the current price levels of paint, mid-level renovation cost about 40 to 60 yuan, between square meters (including labor and materials), which means that consumers can purchase price 500 yuan / barrel coatings.
Seamless wall covering the cost is relatively much higher. Reporters from B & Q, and other building materials supermarket Homemart learned that the current price of mid-range product is about 150 yuan / square meter.

Competition Results: The extent of the decoration of the same grade, paint cost only half as seamless wall covering, paint this round of competition is clearly the winner.

Paint Easy construction
If you compare the two degree of difficulty on the construction. Paint is relatively easy. But if the construction period taking into account this factor, the coating cycle is longer.

According to insiders, seamless wall covering decoration and construction of higher technical requirements, otherwise it will fall off and affect the service life. Such as glue and paste process quality problems, the glue paste used in the past is not strong, easy to play volumes fall, resulting in a seamless wall covering short life. Also, for example the level of construction technology workers will also affect the appearance of seamless wall covering, during construction, workers apply too much glue joints, resulting in glue overflow, the subsequent processing and failure to Sponge water cleaning, several days after the yellow sign will appear at the seams, and thus affect the overall appearance of a seamless wall covering. Also, as the other side of the wall in the bathroom (the bathroom renovation renderings), waterproofing wall if this is not in place, then make a seamless wall covering glue, but also because of the long-term moisture, which results in a seamless wall wall covering a large area of ​​yellow.

If using paint renovation, the construction difficulty is relatively much smaller, just to ensure a uniform putty Scraping the primary treatment and to avoid a clean paint too thick and so on, it will not appear paint blistering, wrinkling the film and the emergence of a watermark and other issues.

Seamless wall decoration construction convenient, short cycle. Selection of paint renovation, wall construction to be repeated at least three to five times, each time interval of one day, it will take a week’s time, and people need to maintain good indoor ventilation before staying more than 10 days. The choice of wallpaper and decoration, just polished flat wall brush on a layer of varnish or seamless wall cloth membrane (no smell, safety and environmental protection) to the construction of a 100 square meters of housing, by a professional wallpaper Post construction workers, three people in a single day. But this needs to be noted that the purchase of a seamless wall covering products in the building materials market, need to book in advance.
Competition Results: From a technical point of view requirements, demanding seamless wall covering, if not strict construction process, quality will stay hidden; but if considering the construction period, decoration paint much longer, so this round of competition Although the paint to win, but the advantage is not obvious.

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